Announcement from Sophie

Announcement from Sophie

This month we launch our new Pre-fall collection followed in August by our new Winter collection. I am very sad to announce that these will be our last.
As some of you may be aware, I have been battling with two very rare medical conditions. Over the years they have become increasingly problematic so, after some difficult deliberation, I have decided to close the company after eleven years in business.

It was an extremely tough decision and it is with a heavy heart that I have had to make it. However, it is undoubtedly the right one. Ultimately my health, and its impact on my family, has to be my priority, especially now I have a little boy to think about.

The business is growing and I believe that the design and imagery are looking better than ever. This makes closing even harder. However, it means we can finish on a high and we will be able to look back with pride at everything we have achieved.

This will be an orderly closure and we will meet all our obligations. We will market and sell the two final collections and launch the special projects that we are working on. We will continue to trade until December.
Our last two collections will be made up of individually numbered limited edition products. 10% of all sales from now on will go to charities that support people with my conditions (please see links below.)

My conditions are rare and very few people understand them. Some people suffer far more than me and many remain undiagnosed. I can’t imagine how isolating that must be. I hope that, in some way, by raising awareness we can help them.

I have absolutely loved having this brand. It has allowed me to do amazing things and meet and work with incredible people over the years. It has been a privilege to have so many interesting and talented people show so much loyalty to me and the brand. I would particularly like to thank my team who have all worked so hard and been so supportive over the years.
In the future I would love to return to design in some capacity and look forward to doing so. However, in the meantime, I have to focus on my health and my family.

Thank you for reading this, and special thanks to those of you who have played a large or small part in the brand. I am very lucky to have met you all. I hope to have the chance to work with you again in the future.

With very best wishes


The chosen charities

Kleine Levin Syndrome Support

KLS is a rare disorder characterised by recurrent bouts of excessive sleep associated with reduced understanding of the world and altered behaviour. Each episode lasts days, weeks or months during which time all normal daily activities stop. Individuals are not able to care for themselves or attend school and work. People with KLS coming out of episodes will have little or no memory of what happened during an episode. Between episodes they have normal sleep, understanding and behaviour. KLS episodes may continue for 10 years or more. There is no definitive treatment for Klein Levin Syndrome.

The Ehlers Danlos Society

Ehlers-Danlos syndromes are a group of rare genetic conditions that cause certain types of connective tissue to be fragile and stretchy. This stretchiness can sometimes be seen in the skin of someone with EDS; individuals with the condition may also be able to extend their joints further than is usual. As collagen is present throughout the body, people with EDS tend to experience a broad range of symptoms, most of them less visible than the skin and joint differences. These are complex syndromes affecting many systems of the body at once, despite this EDS is often an invisible disability. Symptoms commonly include, but are not limited to, long-term pain, chronic fatigue, dizziness, palpitations and digestive disorders. Such problems and their severity vary considerably from person to person, even in the same type of EDS and within the same family. While there is no cure for the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, there is treatment for symptoms, and there are preventative measures that can help.