Behind The Bags

Discover the signatures of every collection.

Behind The Bags

Discover the signatures of every collection.

Colour Range


Every Sophie Hulme collection is crafted from saddlery leather that is thoroughly dyed in order to produce vibrant, deep hues that age beautifully. This unique process remains natural, but the brand has experimented with each new range to create tones and brights beyond classic leather colours. The result? A rare richness and a range of shades that allow the authentic beauty of the skins to shine through.


The 24-carat gold plated hardware adorning every Sophie Hulme bag has become synonymous with the brand’s aesthetic. Produced in a state-of-the-art Italian factory, these 1mm thick plates are employed to reinforce handles and fastenings, and reflect the core Sophie Hulme philosophy that elegant design can also be practical and useable.



Central to the construction of Sophie Hulme bags is one key idea: no fuss. Achieving this simplicity requires an artisan approach; leather panels are cut, matched and sewn by hand with a heavy thread stitch. The raw edges of each seam are trimmed, polished and painted to produce a sleek, hardwearing accessory. Every bag is only deemed finished when it is completely flawless both inside and out.



Sophie Hulme works with traditional tanneries to develop the highest quality saddlery leathers. This ensures minimal waste during production and results in a natural product that is only made more beautiful by the brand’s deep dye process. All leather is sourced in Europe and has a raw, yet durable, texture that gently ages and grows more beautiful over time.



The saddlery leather and 24-carat gold hardware used in every collection are signatures of Sophie Hulme. Overall the aesthetic is simple, unfussy and distinct; promoting a focus on product first, fashion piece second. The resulting designs are beautiful, functional and timeless.

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