An Education

Our Creative Director/Founder on the #ShareTheLight campaign.

An Education

Our Creative Director/Founder on the #ShareTheLight campaign.

To launch Marie Claire’s #ShareTheLight campaign, funding girls' education worldwide, Creative Director/Founder Sophie went back to Kingston University to talk about how it influenced her career…

When I arrived at university I wanted to be a fine artist. But part of my art foundation course was fashion, and I met a wonderfully inspiring teacher. She was so stylish and used to show me all of these old pictures of herself in the 70s. I didn’t have a background in fashion, but she convinced me to go into it.

I’d never really thought about being a designer, but I love beautifully designed objects and handbags are a great example of that. I’ve always been fascinated by how objects are constructed and as a child I was always making things, so it all makes sense now when I remember that.

I think the brand came out of the fact that I wanted to develop a certain type of product that hadn’t yet existed. When I designed my first bag, the Albion, the idea was to take the tote back to its basics and create something pure and practical but beautiful. I think we’ve done that again with my current favourite, the Finsbury. The collection needed a top handle style, so I found lots of antique and military inspiration and then sketched through various ideas.

I learned to be a little more fearless and express my opinions at university, as well as picking up practical skills and ideas which still influence my design today. It’s where I learned what I was all about. That’s why I’m supporting the #ShareTheLight campaign. I really believe that everyone is good at something, and education helps bring you more opportunities in life.

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"The idea was to rethink a classic in a new, timeless way."

Photography, Drew Wheeler

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